Roasted Grapes by Chef Miki Hackney

Not that I am ever bored with each season’s produce, I look forward to grapes since they can be prepared a little differently and add interest to summer as well as early fall dishes.


Being a native Californian, grapes have always been in my noshing repertoire, and I’m always ready for an excuse to have a party.  It was only natural to include grapes on the menu!


Grapes are very versatile and fit into any dish or snack of the day, but I wanted to prepare them unconventionally.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re the ultimate car food, and are portable for anytime snacking, but grapes are usually served raw in the ho-hum fruit salad, on a skewer, or as raisins, in sauces, salads, and cookies.  I’ve always thought they’d be fun to broil or grill; so I did!  When broiled, their firm, yet slightly tender finished quality, along with the warm sweet juices yield a softer sweetness that can still cut the richness of fats, or bring oomph to bland rice or pasta.  You can get the same results grilling them in a perforated, well-seasoned pan on a hot barbecue.  Just remember to stir periodically so they don’t burn or pop.  Once you try them, especially with the cayenne, I can’t imagine having any leftovers.   But roasted grapes are best served and eaten the same day.



Roasted Grapes
Yield- about 6-8 cups


2 lbs     Organic Red Seedless Grapes
2 lbs     Organic Green Seedless Grapes
¼ cup   Olive Oil
2 tsp     Melissa’s My Grinder, Garden Herb with Sea Salt
pinch    Cayenne (optional)


In a large colander, carefully remove grapes from stems; rinse well and pat dry.


Set oven to broil, and place rack about 4 inches from heating element.


Place grapes in a single layer on a rimmed baking pan.  Pour oil, herb seasoning, and optional cayenne over grapes; gently toss to lightly coat.


Arrange grapes in a single layer and place on rack in preheated broiler

Broil grapes about 5 minutes, or just until lightly browned and some begin to crack.  Stir mixture to turn grapes and repeat.  Finished grapes should be slightly soft with little to no juice.

Serve warm as an accompaniment to cheeses, cooked rice or pasta, leafy green salads, rich meats.



MAKE AHEAD:  Grapes can be washed, tossed with seasonings, and stored in refrigerator up to one day ahead of time, then transferred to pan and roasted just before serving.  If grapes are cold, your roasting time will increase a few minutes. Enjoy!